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Plans for you to visualize your new future home

Possibility of 3D home rendering, upon demand

Customized Tiny House on wheels

Customized Tiny House on foundation

Eco-friendly technology (wind, solar, generators...)

Hands on turnkey operation for a fully equipped Tiny House

Installation of all of your resources; plumbing, heating, solar electricity, electricity panels, fixtures, kitchen cabinets, flooring, carpet, shelves, appliances and any other furniture needed for your tiny home

Private consultation

Renovations for any existing tiny houses or regular houses



Directory of the resources for the tiny house movement

Seminars for DIY’s

Eco communities on Vancouver Island

Land for your Tiny Home

Community activities

Green houses

Community help

Community building






     Our team has over 75 years in building experience, where customizing isn’t a secret anymore.  With our expertise, let yourself be guided into the world of tiny living… 

      We are family owned, where attention to details for all of our customers is first priority.   Because we know what it means to build a home for your family or yourself.

      Customer Service is what its all about in the end.  Making sure each details are respected along with a nice flow for communicating with our customers.  


      The tiny house movement is exploding with DIY success stories and a growing family of organizations dedicated to providing everything you need from tools, training, supplies, seminars, associations and help building.  Here you’ll find all the best plans, resources, workshops, books, videos, building materials and information about the professional builders and the tiny house movement.

     Planning on building your Tiny House yourself.  Be sure to take our services in supervising each step of your tiny house construction.  Yes you can hire our services so we monitor you,  this way you will avoid costly errors.  Contact us today to find out on our going rates for monitoring your construction. 

     This is Tiny Living Made Easy for you with Reviews and Access to the Best Products and ideas from all over North America and the internet in One Great Website!  Share a link with a friend.




Directory of the resources for the tiny house movement

Seminars for DIY’s

Eco communities on Vancouver Island

Land for your Tiny Home

Community activities

Green houses

Community help

Community building



Sustainable technologies



General News Topic Section for;

-Green Technology; the field of "green technology" encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning products.

-Green Nanotechnology; Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of materials at the scale of the nanometer, one billionth of a meter. Some scientists believe that mastery of this subject is forthcoming that will transform the way that everything in the world is manufactured. "Green Nanotechnology" is the application of green chemistry and green engineering principles to this field. 

-Energy; the most urgent issue for green technology, this includes the development of alternative fuels, new means of generating energy and energy efficiency.

 -Builders' Corner;  regular news on different techniques, tips, suppliers, used for building tiny House communities, homes...

-Green Communities from  all around the world. 



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The Adventures of Living in a Tiny House

The Turtle Island Story....

Read about the Turtle Island Tiny House Story....



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