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What led you into the adventure of wanting to live in a  Tiny House?


      Let’s go back to 2011.  It was springtime and we had this 24’ cargo trailer that we no longer needed and were trying to sell.  Turns out there aren't too many people that have need for a cargo trailer that long.  Half that size is more what people wanted so half our asking price is commonly what we were offered.  At this point we knew nothing about Tiny Houses but I kept looking at this massive trailer taking up most of my yard and thinking we should just put a few windows in and we’d have ourselves a pretty cool little living space.  My husband thought I was nuts!  With a capitol N U T S!!!!!  This was our dialogue…


Living in a small space...the tiny  house story!


Pics are from our directory from the several builders 



“What about all of our stuff?”

“Let’s sell it and use the money to live off of!”

“Nobody’s going to pay us enough for our stuff for us to live on!”

“Well, if we are living in such a small home expenses will be minimal so we won’t need much money!”

“What about all of my tools?”

“Oh, we’ll make good money off those!”

“I'm NOT selling my tools!”

“Ok, you can keep some of them…;)”


“What about the kids, the dogs, the furniture?  What about the TV?!?”

Pictures from Our Directory


Pics are from our directory from the several builders 

     You can see where this was going!  My husband is a realist and I'm a dreamer.  So, silly me, I just tucked that crazy idea in the back of my brain right where it belonged with all my other unfulfilled dreams and things that got me really excited about life.


     Little did I know that one of my co-workers was secretly brimming with excitement?  She had heard me talk about trying to sell this trailer and wanting to turn it into a little home.  Her business was everything to do with earth friendly dwellings and permaculture design.  So she well knew about these cool Tiny Houses that you built on trailers.  But she didn't want to say anything until the book she had on order came in that was all about tiny homes.  I still remember the day when she came bouncing and skipping towards me with this big, beautiful picture book.  I curiously thumbed through it and quickly found my ‘dream home’.  It was the Tiny Haus (put in links and reference) and it was AWESOME!!!!!! 

Tiny Houses offer big spaces for all!


Pics are from our directory from the several builders 

     There was no way I was letting this book out of my hands.  Since she had ordered several in for her business she let me keep that one.  It’s a good thing, I would have wrestled her for it!  I couldn't wait to get home and show my husband that I was, in fact, NOT crazy and that this was a THING and there were hundreds of people already doing it!!!!!!!


     So after a few ‘I told you so’ moments, the good kind though, we started burning up the internet searching out ANYTHING we could find that had to do with Tiny Houses. 


     We decided that, because we had kids, we would definitely need something a little bigger than your average Tiny House.  But we still wanted to be mobile so we bought an old 5 ton truck, pulled the box off, cut 4 feet off the back and built a 16’ Tiny House on the back of it.  His three kids were only with us part time and my son was full time.  The idea was that my son would live in the truck and we would live in the Tiny House.  When we had the other three with us the boys would bunk in the truck together and we’d have the other loft in the Tiny House for my step-daughter to sleep.  The Tiny House would be fully operational with the kitchen and bathroom and the truck would be basic with bunks, banquet seating and a toilet room.

 The Tiny House Movement, BC!

Pics are from our directory from the several builders 

     We set up a FB page so that our friends and family could follow along.  September of 2012 we were contacted by a reporter that wanted to do an on-line article on us and our adventure.  Well, that was a crazy week!  As soon as the first article was published we had reporters from everywhere calling us to talk Tiny.  The highlight for us was the two-minute human interest piece at the end of the evening news on Global National.  It was really funny because my brother, who at this point new nothing of what was going on because he’s not internet savy and lived 1000 km’s away, turned on the end of the evening news and saw his sister on TV! 


     This led to him calling mum and getting the inside scoop.  You see, until it hit the news the family all thought we had lost our minds and couldn't possibly see how this living tiny thing would actually work.  So they kept it quiet.  Just goes to show the power of media.  If someone writes an article or does a news piece it’s all of a sudden a thing to be taken seriously.  What’s up with that?!?


     Anyway, after our 15 minutes of fame died down we went back to life as usual but continued to eat, breathe and dream of Tiny Houses.  At the time we were living in Calgary Alberta and winter soon set in so not much progress was made until the spring of 2013.  We plugged away on the truck as time allowed.  When it was finished, or finished enough, my son moved into it in the backyard.  What teen wouldn't LOVE to have their own Tiny House separate from the parents?  It worked really well because one thing we did to start to prepare for Tiny Living was move into our basement and rent out the main level of our home. 

Ideas for the Interior of a TIny House!


Pics are from our directory from the several builders 

     This enabled my husband to quit working such insane hours and have more time at home for Tiny House building and planning.  In June of 2014 just as we started to build our own Tiny House we decided that we would move home to Vancouver Island.  What a whirlwind summer that was! So from June to the end of September we built an entire house, showcased it at Beakerhead (link) and packed up (sold and donated a lot) an entire house that we had lived in for over 10 years and moved 1110 km’s away that included crossing an ocean!  WHEW!!!



     We are now nestled in beautiful Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island BC and this community loves the idea of living Tiny!  As of this month, June 2015, we have started building a Tiny House for a lovely lady who is a long time fixture in this community.  We have no doubt it will lead to many more homes of its kind in the area.


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