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The Tiny House Community:

         What is a tiny house community?

         What are the resources available?

         What are the activities?

         How can I join?

         Is it expensive to join?

        Where can I visit a community?

        Can I go to meetings?

        Can I be involved only part time?

        When is the next meeting?

        Do I have to do yoga to be part of the community?

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What is a Tiny House?


What is a Tiny House?

How can I build one?

How much will it cost me?

What are the suppliers needed to build one?

What are the skills required for building one?

How much time will it take to build?

What are the resources needed?

Is a Tiny House legal?

Should I build my Tiny House or just buy one?

Does my Tiny House need to be on wheels?

Can I put a foundation for my Tiny House?

How long will my Tiny House last?

Is it cold in the winter at minus 20 degrees in a Tiny House?

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Where can I live in a Tiny House?


Where can I live in a Tiny House?

Is it legal to live permanently in a Tiny House?

What are the places to consider?

Do I need to get a special permit?

Do I have to pay taxes?

Can I live in the woods?

Is it safe for my family to live among the communities?

What are the places to consider for living?

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How to downsize?


How do I downsize?

Do I give everything away to charity?

Should I organize a quick garage sale?

How do I choose what I need to kept?

Will I have everything I need in a Tiny House once I downsized?

How many months should I prepare ahead of time?

What are some tips for me to keep in mind when downsizing? 

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